About Us

LavaTech Technology is a training institue in Pune, Hadapsar that delivers online/classroom IT courses on Red Hat Linux, Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes etc) and Programming languages like Python, Django, NodeJS, AngularJs, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery etc. to corporate employees and freshers.

This website serves blogs that publishes high-quality Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS ad Debian), Cloud Computing, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Terraform etc.) and programming howto tutorials and articles. This portal's purpose is to provide foundational to advance knowledge, tips and tricks and problem-solving techniques on Linux, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Programming languages.


Aniket Lavate is the founder of Lavatech Technology training institue and this web portal and has an experienced team of authors who are IT professional in different domain. Our authors aim at developing IT solutions in simple and easy to understand language.

We aim that our technical blog website helps readers who are freshers as well as experienced to understand concepts easily and solve problem quickly. We really appreciate all our readers to provide us your feedback on our tutorials/website and also submit technical queries in the comment section at the end of each article.